WordPress Page Builder Plugin

KingComposer is the most advanced WordPress
page builder plugin. It's lightweight and extremely powerful.

— A truly new and wonderful intuitive UI —

Say goodbye to most other User Interface has outdated.
And say hello to KingComposer revolutionary UI, coupled with superb speed performance.

  • Super Fast

    KingComposer utilises it's own unique UI core to bring you a highest performance, fastest speed and smoother Drag & Drop experience.

  • Maximum Optimization

    We have a lot of features, but that does not mean that we are ponderous. Most of the action are processed immediately without delay and real-time results.

  • Back-End and Front-End

    Visual Back-End builder and Live Front-End editor, No programming knowledge required. You can build any responsive layouts with in minutes.

Easily build any professional looking Wordpress
website within minutes

For theme author, business owners, freelancer coder and freelance designers
KingComposer now makes it more easier than ever to style and create within Wordpress

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KingComposer UI

A new higher performance UI

KingComposer is extremely lightweight in performance.
We've spent many hours developing our own unique and stylised UI
( Drag & Drop, Sortable, Draggable, Render Templates, etc... ). KingComposer makes it a truly smooth and wonderful experience in working with large amounts of content.

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Faster than all

No matter where you are working on your localhost or live host. KingComposer lets you design on the backend & frontend with instant, real time results. All your changes are completed instantly and perfectly, saving you both time and as a developer, money!

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KingComposer no-ajax

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KingComposer creates all the necessary elements for you, all you need to be is creative

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We are more than happy to create new content or convert any existing element to Front-End usability Send us a request